The Fastest Router Now Offers Easy Parental Controls and Guest Wi-Fi

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As a new mom, I'm always looking for ways to stay on top of the parent tech curve. I often consult with other parents to help guide me. But today, fellow FiOS parents, I'm happy to share some tips with you.

Our customers who have the FiOS Quantum Gateway router will now have access to a number of new parental controls and guest Wi-Fi capabilities. With this latest router update, parents can easily grant or restrict Internet access to any device on their home FiOS network. Additionally, parents are now able to set daily time limits on network-connected devices for management of screen-time.


And it's free. These valuable upgrades are our way of saying thank you. Best home network controls

  • Manage children's Internet usage on a per device basis so you can minimize binge TV watching!
  • Establish parental control rules conveniently from the MyFiOS App, whether you're home on the go
  • Grant or limit Internet access for any connected device in your home which is perfect during final exam and PSAT preparation.
  • Set daily or weekly time limits on any connected device in your home.

Fios internet customers can now create an independent guest Wi-Fi network within their home for visitors. This means no more giving out passwords to your private home network. Guests are given their own username and password that they can securely connect with.

Now all your guests can have the superfast FiOS experience without you having to grant access to your private home network. This is great for businesses, too.

Guest Wi-Fi – Protect Your Network And Add Visitors Super Easy

  • Grant guests access to your home or business Wi-Fi through an independent guest network connection.
  • Guest users are able to access the guest Wi-Fi network with their own username and password.
  • FiOS guest Guest Wi-Fi networks are made secure with WPA2 encryption as well.
  • FiOS customers no longer have to grant guests access to their private home or business networks. They can simply see the visiting device and grant access.

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