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Get our fastest and most powerful router for only $10 a month

plus taxes and shipping.


Fios™ Quantum Gateway supports a better online experience.


  • Combine with our highest internet tiers for the fastest Wi-Fi available*
  • Faster wireless and wired performance on more devices


  • Reach farther and go faster with enhanced Wi-Fi coverage in and around your home
  • Enjoy virtually uninterrupted entertainment on multiple devices with multiple users, at the same time
  • This dual-band router allows you to get exceptional performance from your tech devices

In control

  • Help keep your kids safe with enhanced parental controls
  • Create a separate, secure network just for your guests
With our reliable wifi network, you can always stay connected

Getting set up is easy.

There’s no technician required.
Rent the Quantum Gateway for only $10 a month or buy it for $149.99

(plus taxes and shipping).

*Symmetrical speed options available up to 500/500 Mbps. (750/750 Mbps avail. in select areas of NY, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Boston, MA and Norfolk and Richmond, VA). Fastest Wi-Fi is based on internet speed plans and maximum router throughput available.

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