McAdam: "Turn Today's Unthinkable Into Tomorrow's Reality"

In his latest LinkedIn post, Lowell McAdam reflects on the beginning of his career 30-plus years ago, when the full potential of wireless technology was unknown, yet showed great promise.

“We had no idea that wireless technology would be so pervasive. ... What we did have was a belief in the idea that wireless technology would drive generations of life-changing innovation and investment for years to come,” McAdam says.

He describes this premise – the power of technology to change the world – as a guiding principle throughout his career.

This is also a belief that he encourages employees and other emerging innovators to share, especially “in a highly social and interconnected world [where] good ideas can … come from anywhere.”

McAdam says, “It’s up to all of us to leverage the full potential of this new era to transform lives in ways that turn today’s unthinkable into tomorrow’s reality.”

A Belief Put Into Action: Verizon’s Powerful Answers

Verizon’s Powerful Answers Award is a worldwide challenge that encourages entrepreneurs to provide innovative solutions in healthcare, education, sustainability and transportation.

With the second annual Powerful Answers Award Ceremony just one week away, McAdam highlights one of last year’s winners: Smart Vision Labs – a startup that is on a mission to use a groundbreaking eye-exam technology to bring the power of sight to nearly 1 billion people worldwide.

McAdam says, “Smart Vision Labs truly represents the spirit of why I’ve been so personally vested in Powerful Answers and why we were so inspired to launch this global challenge.

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