Understanding parental controls

With wireless technology constantly changing, it can be challenging to keep up—and to manage your family’s safe and responsible use of mobile technology.

The following tools and information let you  choose the type of content that is right for you and your family. From on-device settings to apps you can download, these recommendations and resources can help you make sense of the powerful parental control tools that are out there while getting the most out of your digital content and mobile devices.

Device parent controls

Parental controls that are built into the Android and iOS (Apple) operating systems are a good starting point. By going to the device settings menu, parents can set restrictions and controls on downloads, apps or other content.

Downloadable parental control apps

Verizon customers can take advantage of our partnership with Mobicip, a leader in content filtering technology. Mobicip offers enhanced content filtering tools that work on smartphones, tablets, and computers, helping children make positive digital choices everywhere they browse. Mobicip helps your family access the content they want from any device, avoid the content they don’t and make choices that are right for your entire family.

Additional parental control tools are readily available in the Apple App Store for Apple devices or Google Play Store for Android devices. Search for parental controls apps to see a variety of solutions from safety and security experts, such as McAfee or Norton Security. These apps offer tools to manage your family’s mobile devices and the ability to filter website content by categories or search terms.

Verizon’s Safeguards & Controls Community

Verizon encourages you to be part of the ongoing conversation about digital safety and security. Verizon’s Safeguards & Controls Community site was designed for customers to discover tools and the resources available to them.

Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI)

Verizon is a supporter and member of FOSI, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to making the online world safer for kids and families through enlightened public policy and industry best standards. FOSI’s Good Digital Parenting initiative provides information and tips for the latest apps kids are using. Learn more at www.fosi.org.

CTIA Parent’s Guide to Mobile Phones

Through its participation with CTIA, Verizon was instrumental in developing the CTIA Parent’s Guide to Mobile Phones. Part of CTIA’S Growing Wireless initiative, the Parent’s Guide answers your questions on mobile devices and prepares parents for talking to their children about safe and responsible wireless use.