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03.04.2020Personal Tech

5G Security: How 5G will Impact Network and Cybersecurity

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Discover what 5G security can mean with Verizon. 5G will have a huge impact on cybersecurity and network security as well as public safety and more.


As 5G continues to roll out across the country, some have questions on the impact 5G will have on network security as well as how it will affect cybersecurity.

Network security and customer privacy are very important to us and always have been. We have measures in place to maintain that security and privacy, and we will maintain a level of security and privacy on our 5G network that is as good or better than what our customers have come to expect from us on our 4G network. Verizon builds networks with components from long-time, trusted vendors who value quality and security as much as we do. In addition, we test the products and software that run the network, and we ensure all vendors are committed to security.

5G Cybersecurity

As a global network operator, Verizon knows the importance of securing its networks, including 5G, to help mitigate risks arising from global connections. In fact, Verizon’s security plan includes a new 5G security tool that isolates roaming devices until they are fully authenticated for use on our network.

The Impact of 5G Security

As 5G implementations evolve and mature, security will become even stronger. We will see added encryption, additional defense at the edge of the network, and technologies such as network function virtualization, mobile edge computer, and network slicing that can make networks more secure.

The impact of 5G technology continues to expand as networks are introduced in cities around the U.S. Follow along with Verizon’s implementation and learn about 5G as new information is released.