2023 tech holiday gift guide for families

By: Molly McGinn

Get a gaming system the whole family can use and a helping hand with parenting (and making dinner) with these holiday tech gifts from Verizon.

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2023 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

Every parent wants to light up their kids’ eyes with the best tech gifts on the holidays. But picking the right thing can feel overwhelming. There are so many choices, and questions like:

  • Which gaming system will last past January?

  • What can they love right now—and learn with all year?

  • What’s cool but safe?

Here, the product pros at Verizon and the editorial team at Parenting in a Digital World share the info you need to help you choose the right option and make your holiday shopping a little easier.

Tech gifts for kids ages 3–12

Smartwatches and tablets make for easy, age-appropriate introductions to tech. Kids can start to learn how to use the tech while you get a handle on how to use parental controls.

Kids smart watch: The Gizmo Watch 3

The Gizmo Watch 3 is cool connected tech for them, and it gives you a helping hand with parenting. Some examples: When they’re wearing the watch, you’ll get notifications on your phone when they arrive at a friend’s house. They can send you their GPS location when they need to be picked up. And you control everything on the watch from one app on your phone—including who gets added to the contact list for video, text and voice calling.

Gizmo Watch 3 | Holiday Tech Gift Guide

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Tablets make a great gift for any age. With a kid’s tablet, you don’t need to worry about pop-up ads that shouldn’t be there while they watch videos on the couch. The built-in controls include a web browser that automatically blocks inappropriate websites. And when it’s time to stop watching videos and get ready for bed, the tablet’s Wi-Fi turns off, thanks to a custom time limit you set on the device. It’s built with a protective case for extra durability when they’re carrying it around in their backpack, and has all the features they’d expect, like front- and rear-facing cameras.

TCL Tab Family Edition | Holiday Tech Gift Guide


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Tech gift for teens

Beats Studio Buds True Wireless Noise Canceling Ear Buds

Headphones have  built-in tech for a variety of needs. Kids’ and early teens’ auditory systems are still developing. So for younger teens, look for on-ear headphones with volume control, like the Bose QuietComfort 45. Your older teens are more likely to go for the in-ear kind. These Beats Studio Buds can go 8 hours on one charge and make for a good, splurge-worthy tech accessory for any teen.

Beats Studio Buds | Holiday Tech Gift Guide

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Tech gift for gamers

Microsoft Xbox Series S Console

If everybody in the house is a gamer, then just pick the gaming system that everybody wants. But even the non-gamers in the house will like this one. The X-Box Series S streams movies and shows as well as educational and fitness apps. It also provides access to a library of free-to-play games and multiplayer games like Roblox, as well as kid-friendly games like Minecraft that you can purchase. You can set time limits on game play, set content restrictions and block games by age rating.

Xbox Series S Console | Holiday Tech Gift Guide

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Tech gift for smart families

The Amazon Echo Show 10 HD Smart Display with motion and Alexa

Picture it: You get a notification that it’s time to start dinner, pull up the recipe on your favorite app, turn on the tree lights, and make a video call to your mom—all hands-free through the tablet-size Amazon Echo Show 10. Make a video call on the device, and the camera on the smart display automatically finds the best frame. Use it as a central smart home hub and you can manage the smart devices in your house, like the lights, security cameras and thermostats. The Drop-In Feature connects to all the Amazon smart speaker and Echo devices in the house, so you can call everybody down for dinner without yelling up the stairs. And when the kids start using it, you can set time limits and block explicit content, too. 

Amazon Echo Show 10 | Holiday Tech Gift Guide
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Molly is an award-winning tech and child development writer for Parenting in the Digital World.


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