Top tech gifts for gamers: Holiday gift accessory ideas for Sony PS5, Xbox, Meta Quest 3 and more.

When it comes to finding great gifts for gamers, choosing the right one really shows that you understand their passion for gaming and what’s going to help them get the most out of their experience. But if you’re not a gaming expert, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right equipment.  If you need guidance when looking for the top tech gifts, we’re here to help. Verizon has it all, like gaming headsets and other top trending accessories for mobile gamers, console users, PC-based gamers and VR gamers on your gift list. 

This season, you can treat your favorite gamer to incredible tech designed to enhance their experience. When it comes to gift ideas for gamers, many popular accessories are preferred for their precision, personalization options and comfort while playing. From the first ever gaming handheld device, Razer Edge 5G and accessories for the Sony PS5 to Xbox, we can help you shop for any gamers’ top brands. We’ve gone through our wide variety of options and consolidated some of our favorites into a gift guide to help make your holiday shopping easier this year. Happy gifting.

Gift ideas for Sony PlayStation 5 enthusiasts.

Tech for the Sony PS5 can be a great gift idea for gamers who choose this platform as their primary device.  Verizon offers a wide variety of advanced accessories that enhance the gaming experience by improving functionality, convenience and competitive-edge. 

Some of the top gifted items worth checking out include PS5 controllers, charging stations and remotes. Verizon also offers a PS5 bundle featuring the Sony PS5 and Horizon: Forbidden West.

Holiday gift ideas for gamers who love Xbox.

If Xbox is what your gamer goes for, we’ve got that covered, too. Xbox accessories can make really thoughtful gifts offering improved gaming performance, upping your gamer’s overall competitive-edge. Some of these include top headsets, wireless controllers, or  the complete component pack. Help take their Xbox gaming to the next level by shopping for top controllers, wireless gaming headsets and more

We even carry the consoles, including the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever: the Microsoft Xbox Series X Console. Or give them next-gen speed and performance at a great price with the Microsoft Xbox Series S Console. Verizon customers can also get Xbox All Access for a low monthly price1 when they choose Xbox Series S or Series X, with 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included. It’s easy to join, so you can play right away.2

The best accessory gift ideas for Nintendo Switch players.

Verizon also carries the Nintendo Switch, the gaming console you can play at home or on  the go, in a variety of different options. If you’re looking to enhance someone’s Nintendo Switch gaming experience, there are some fantastic gift ideas sure to impress any gamer.

You can choose the console itself or the Nintendo Switch Lite. This alternate version of the Switch is designed specifically for handheld play, so your gamer can jump into their favorite games wherever they go.

To enhance their experience, you might want to gift them a Pro case, headset or wireless controller with comfortable grips and precision. All are definitely hot items on holiday lists this year. 

Enhance the sights and sounds for mobile gamers.

One choice on the top of many holiday lists includes the Samsung Freestyle 2 Projector. It turns any wall, floor or table into a movie screen, giving players an incredibly immersive, in-room experience. 

Game audio is crucial to helping mobile players feel like they’re escaping into the action. When it comes to devices that up the sound quality, we’ve got ears covered with everything from headsets to earbuds and bluetooth speakers. 

If you’re looking to fill your room with sound, consider a wireless speaker. They can be placed almost anywhere for a full, surround sound experience. Top wireless speaker gift ideas include some of our JBL and Soundcore Party Speakers or the UE Boom 3 Speaker.

Headsets and earbuds also have their own advantages for mobile gamers, including keeping the rest of the house quiet. When it comes to earbuds, some top options include the Google, Samsung or JLab brands. It’s important to remember that these are more portable and compact for the gamer on the go than headphones, and since they’re easy to carry around, they can also be used for other activities like talking in meetings or listening to music. Some even offer great noise cancellation, for those who game in more noisy environments.

If your gamer wants to immerse themselves in the gaming action, Verizon offers high-tech headsets and microphones, including products from brands like Logitech, Lucidsound, JBL and Razer, among others. Headsets often offer high-quality audio, or incorporate surround sound capabilities for immersive gaming.  They also tend to be more comfortable and come with high-quality microphones, so a player’s voice is always heard, no matter how heated a game gets. Many are also customizable so gamers can tailor the headset to their personal preferences. Just head over to Verizon’s gaming headset selection to find the right fit for any gamer you’re gifting for this season.

Best gifts for gamers who like PC gaming.

Is the gamer in your life more into PC gaming than powering up a console? If so, the best gifts for PC gamers may include things like gaming keyboards which are both functional and portable, a mouse and  controllers to make their experience more functional and fluid, or a wireless gaming headset and microphone combo.

PC gamers also need a fast and fluid mouse to drive their online gaming adventures. We offer several great choices with iconic ergonomic design that allows for easy use and optimal comfort.Many of these items provide fast response time and maximum tracking accuracy while allowing users to create custom profiles with programmable buttons.

Last but not least, PC gamers benefit from a gaming headset and microphone combo that allows them to hear and respond to all the action while they game. Many of these come with a base for effortless charging and work with a PC or Mac computer. 

The top gifts for VR gamers.

For those looking for a more immersive, VR gaming experience, Verizon offers a variety of accessories and headsets designed to enhance the journey into the virtual world. Since most virtual reality games are based on player immersion, making users feel like they are in an all new environment, headsets are usually preferred. Select headsets have 3D audiovisual experiences baked in, bringing gamers into the playing field like never before. One of the most popular VR devices on the market today is the Meta Quest 3 by Meta. This device allows users to do everything from play popular video games to enter the “Metaverse,” a virtual reality world where you can mingle, work and play in a totally immersive, 3D environment. One accessory to complement this includes the Meta Smart Glasses (launching 10/17), which incorporate revolutionary technology meant to shield the eyes and reduce eyestrain so players can feel fresh and focused over a long gaming session.

Bringing a new dimension to the gaming world with gifts to impress. 

No matter how the gamer in your life likes to play, new accessories can significantly enhance their gaming experience. The improved comfort and precision can make gameplay more enjoyable, and possibly help them play at a higher level. Plus, the right accessory is a long-lasting gift bringing your gamer benefits for years to come. Luckily Verizon has the kinds of gifts they’ll surely love and use regularly. 

Prefer to let the gamer in your life pick out their own tech? Not a problem. Verizon also has  a variety of gift cards for brands, so you can be sure they get the item they love. Shop all gaming gear, consoles, accessories and gift cards all in one place with Verizon.

1. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription Terms: Use your active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership to play games on Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, and Windows 10/11 PC (excludes Windows in S mode and ARM devices), and stream select games (where available) to your supported devices. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes Xbox Game Pass for Console, PC Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold and additional benefits. Note: Joining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate automatically upgrades your existing Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass (PC or Console), and/or EA Play membership(s) to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a conversion ratio each based on days remaining. Learn how this works at Future code redemptions are also subject to a conversion ratio. Conversion ratio subject to change. All conversions to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are final: Once converted, you cannot re-convert your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership back to a previous membership. EA Play subject to terms: Other existing subscriptions may also be subject to conversion. Maximum 36 months of redeemed Xbox Game Pass Ultimate per account at a time, including any converted time from Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass (PC or Console), and/or EA Play. Game titles, number, features, and availability vary over time, by region and platform. Learn more at Notice before purchase of add-ons, DLC, consumables, virtual currency, or subscriptions (sold separately): If your membership terminates or a game is removed from the catalog, you must reactivate your membership or buy the game separately to continue using these items. Requires download(s) (significant storage, broadband, and ISP fees apply) and Microsoft account. May require additional hardware and subscriptions. Age restrictions apply. Online multiplayer between Xbox console generations not supported in some games. Xbox Game Pass discounts are based on Microsoft Store price and are not combinable with other offers and are not redeemable for cash. Discount offers exclude titles within 30 days of launch and are not available with select titles. Number and content of Perks vary by region, platform, and over time, and must be redeemed by stated timeframe. Service, features, and requirements may change or be retired. Subject to the Microsoft Services Agreement ( For PC: App download, Windows update(s), and storage required ( System requirements vary by game; performance scales with higher end systems. See here for Cloud Gaming Terms.

2. Xbox Console Warranty: Xbox Series X|S console is under a 1 year limited hardware warranty (90 days for controller/accessories) regardless of length of payment terms. (Microsoft Limited Hardware Warranty:

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