Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile Shopping Tips For Cellular Phones Make Holiday Buying Easy

November 27, 1995

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Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile Shopping Tips For Cellular Phones

Make Holiday Buying Easy

PITTSBURGH, Nov. 27 -- If a cellular phone is on

your shopping list for the holiday season -- whether it's for

you or a gift for someone you love -- you'll want to take note

of some simple tips that can make your purchase easier and insure

you make the right selection.

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile suggests you think

about how the phone will be used before you start shopping. Then

you can make the right decisions on the type of phone and the

type of pricing plan that best fit the user's needs. Anticipating

future needs and whether the phone will be used with a laptop

computer or mobile fax machine should also be considered.

Here are some key things to look for:

Selecting A Carrier

This is the most important decision because a cellular phone

is only as good as the system it uses. You should look for a

carrier with the most expansive coverage and the highest quality

of service. You should also look for support from the carrier,

with 24-hour customer service and account management assistance.

Selecting A Phone

Key Questions you should ask yourself before purchasing equipment:

How will the phone be used? Where will the phone be used? The

answers will help you determine which of the three types of phones

is the right model for you.

-- A Portable/Handheld Phone is the smallest and currently the

most popular model. Most individuals want the flexibility and

convenience of being able to carry a phone with them at all times;

this model can easily be carried in a pocket, purse, or briefcase.

-- A Transportable Phone is appropriate for the person who might

want to move a phone from one car to another or to a boat for

recreational purposes. This model has a battery, but can be plugged

into a vehicle's cigarette lighter for power.

-- A Mobile (or installed) Phone is the best selection if a

person will use the phone only in one car. This model draws power

from the car's battery and therefore talk time and battery life

are of no concern.

Selecting A Place To Buy

Once again, you should look at your own needs in making this

decision. Convenience may be a factor, as well as the reputation

of the dealer and the relationship you already have established

with certain retail outlets or companies.

Selecting A Pricing Plan

You should discuss the expected use of the phone with the sales

representative in order to select the correct price plan. Bell

Atlantic NYNEX Mobile has a simplified chart that helps

a customer look at how he or she expects to use the phone and

guides the customer to the price plan that will best fit his or

her needs. However, if a customer's needs change after selecting

a price plan, of if usage differs from what was initially expected,

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile's Customer Service department

can help change the plan to one that is more suitable.

You should also make sure there are no additional charges you

may not have expected. For example, does the monthly access fee

include a detailed bill? Are there additional charges for services

like voice mail? How much does it cost when the phone is used

outside the home area?

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile has several pricing

plans geared to consumer use including its new TalkAlong(SM) service

that provides "affordable portable" coverage in a "local

zone" for as low as $14.99 per month for access.

Individuals with permanent disabilities qualify for reduced

prices on equipment and service through Bell Atlantic NYNEX

Mobile's Cellular Accessibility program.

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile's Weekend and Evening

pricing plan provides rates designed for the casual user with

200 minutes of off-peak airtime included each month.

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile, the largest wireless

service provider on the East Coast, has its Pittsburgh Regional

Headquarters in McCandless Township with a 24-hour-a-day Customer

Service department. The company's local retail stores are in Downtown

Pittsburgh at 2 PPG Place; North Hills, 4930 McKnight Road; South

Hills, 2895 Banksville Road; Robinson Town Centre, 1970 Park Manor

Boulevard; Shadyside, 810 South Aiken Avenue; Monroeville, 3828

William Penn Highway; Butler, Moraine Pointe Plaza; Greensburg,

Westmoreland Mall; and Century III Mall. Bell Atlantic

NYNEX Mobile has sales kiosks in the Ross Park Mall and

the Indiana Mall.

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