GTE will voluntarily implement Health Care Bill of Rights.

STAMFORD, Conn. -- GTE Corp. today
said it will voluntarily adopt the consumer bill of
rights recommended by President Clinton's health care
advisory commission. The company said it was directing its health
plan partners and providers to begin implementing the
presidential recommendations for GTE employees.

These steps will give GTE employees even greater control
of their own health care, said J. Randall MacDonald, GTE
executive vice president - human resources and administration.
GTE is moving immediately to implement the panel's
recommendations. We do not believe legislation is necessary to
act, MacDonald added. These are broad-based and
visionary steps that can be quickly implemented by voluntary

MacDonald, a member of the presidential commission, noted that
GTE's employees, retirees and their families already benefit from
an outstanding health-care program, but that the company is
always on the look out for quality improvements. He said his work
with the panel helped him identify a number of practical quality

The company's announcement coincided with the formal release
in Washington of the advisory commission report.

Key recommendations included:

  • Right to be informed about health care plan quality;
  • Right to choose the right doctor for the right type of
  • Right to medical services in an emergency;
  • Right to know all medical options no matter how much they
  • Right to respectful care and equal treatment by any
    health-care provider;
  • Right to know your medical records are confidential and
    only used for legitimate purposes;
  • Right to express your concerns about the quality of care
    you receive and to take action when that care is
  • Consumers share responsibility to lead healthy lifestyles
    and to stay informed about their medical needs.

With revenues of more than $21 billion in 1996, GTE is one of
the largest publicly held telecommunications companies in the
world. In the United States, GTE offers local and wireless
service in 29 states and long-distance service in all 50 states.
GTE was the first among its peers to offer one-stop
shopping for local, long-distance and Internet access
services. Outside the United States, where GTE has operated for
more than 40 years, the company serves approximately 7 million
customers. GTE is also a leader in government and defense
communications systems and equipment, directories and
telecommunications-based information services, and
aircraft-passenger telecommunications.

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