For Many Homeless Families, Santa is a Woman From Accokeek

For Many Homeless Families, Santa is a Woman From Accokeek

News Advisory: Interview/Photo Opportunity

December 23, 1996

Media contacts:

Bell Atlantic: Michel Daley, 202-392-1021

Spring Road Family Shelter: Consuella Lacey, 202-726-2203


    Toys, food and clothing, will be delivered to 110
    families living in Washington, D.C. homeless shelters
    because of the efforts of Teresa Williams who raised
    money and bought gifts to make sure they had a good


    Spring Road Family Shelter

    1433 - 35 Spring Road, N.W.

    Washington, D.C.

    NOTE: Immediately following the Spring Road delivery,
    additional Santa's bags will be delivered to the
    following Washington, D.C. shelters: The Alexander Social
    Service Corporation at 4614 Benning Road, S.E., Temporary
    Living Quarters at 1448 Park Road, N.W. and Community of
    Hope at 1417 Belmont Street, N.W.


    Tuesday, December 24 10:00 a.m.


    Bell Atlantic employee Teresa Williams, who lives in
    Accokeek, Md., has spent the last four holiday seasons
    making wreaths and Christmas baskets. The task was more
    difficult this year because she is ill. Yet Teresa
    worked tirelessly to meet her deadline, comforted by the
    true spirit of Christmas.

    Teresa sold her wreaths and baskets, and used the
    proceeds to fill over 100 "Santa's bags" with
    Other Bell Atlantic employees will serve as her
    helpers, using Bell Atlantic vans as their sleighs, to
    deliver the gifts to homeless shelters so that families
    in need have a memorable Christmas.


    Teresa Williams, Bell Atlantic consultant; helpers:
    Harry Booth and Sean Auld, Bell Atlantic technicians; Bob
    Tone and Tim Myers, Bell Atlantic construction