NYNEX Awards $25,000 Grant To Help Keep The Boys Choir Of Harlem Singing

December 19, 1996

CONTACT: Steve Marcus, 212/395-0500 or The Boys Choir

of Harlem, Joannie Danielides, 212/879-5317.

NYNEX Awards $25,000 Grant To Help Keep The Boys Choir Of Harlem Singing

NEW YORK--Dec. 19, 1996--The NYNEX Foundation

announced today (12/19) that it is awarding a special grant

of $25,000 to the Boys Choir of Harlem to help ease the

choir's financial plight.

The grant can be used for general operating

purposes and will also help the choir raise matching funds

from other sources.

"When we learned recently that the choir was having

financial difficulties in the midst of the holiday season

and was faced with the prospect of having to cut some of its

programs, we felt we had to do something to help," said

Suzanne DuBose, president of the NYNEX Foundation.

"The Boys Choir is one of Harlem's -- and New York

City's -- most valuable cultural and educational resources,"

she said. "The choir has brought joy to audiences in New

York and around the world."

Dr. Walter J. Turnbull, the founder and director of

the Boys Choir, said: "We are grateful to NYNEX for this

grant. It will help us to continue the choir's commitment

to artistic excellence and to continue our counseling and

tutoring programs, which help the choir members develop the

skills they need to succeed in life."

NYNEX, through its foundation and other

initiatives, provides more than $21 million a year in grants

for cultural, educational and health organizations in New

York and New England.

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corporation that provides a full range of services in the

northeastern United States and high-growth markets around

the world, including the United Kingdom, Thailand,

Gibraltar, Greece, Indonesia, the Philippines, Poland,

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