NYNEX Unveils Account Center in East Syracuse

October 18, 1995

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NYNEX Unveils Account Center in East Syracuse

EAST SYRACUSE, NY -- NYNEX unveiled today its first Account Collection

Center (ACC) in the state, a facility designed to improve service

to the companys more than 2 million residential and small business

customers in upstate New York. The center is located at 6360 Thompson


The opening of this center reflects NYNEXs commitment to service

and the needs of our customers, said Elizabeth Houlihan, vice

president for residence sales. How we treat customers and how

quickly and how well we take care of their calls and requests

is the cornerstone of our success in keeping them loyal to NYNEX.

The center also provides a new type of work environment, one that

is upbeat and fun to work in. Its a place where employees are

enthusiastic about their jobs, proud of their accomplishments

and continuously provided with new tools and training to meet

customer needs, she added.

As part of its re-engineering effort, NYNEX is converting operations

and centralizing its upstate account management for residential

and small business customers in a single location. The Thompson

Road ACC is expected to employ about 350 people when fully operational

within the next few months. It will handle all residential and

small business customer accounts throughout the state, with the

exception of New York City. A separate center will handle the

New York City accounts.

The account representatives at the Syracuse center handle more

than 200,000 calls each month regarding the accounts of customers

who are late in making a NYNEX payment and wish to make payment

arrangements or have questions about collection policies.

NYNEX is continuing its commitment to the Syracuse area, said

Susan H. Kennedy, NYNEXs vice president and general manager for

Central New York. This is our hometown. NYNEX and its employees

are an integral part of the communities of Central New York and

we plan to continue to invest in projects that boost the economic

vitality of the region.

The state-of-the-art center is located in the recently renovated

NYNEX building at 6360 Thompson Road, near Carrier Circle. Refurbishing

of the building began in late March and was completed in July,

at a cost of about $4.5 million. Other costs included those for

installation of new computer systems to speed service delivery

and furnishings for the ACC employees.

In addition to work areas, the center features training and educational

facilities to keep NYNEX representatives on the cutting edge of

customer service innovations and technology.

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