02.27.2018Inside Verizon

Take an Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) tour with Envrmnt by Verizon

By: Peter Casale

Ever wonder how apps on your phone are built? We took 45,000 students on a virtual tour of how AR/VR works.



You’ve probably heard a lot lately about Augmented Reality (AR)  and Virtual Reality (VR). But do you know how it works?
Envrmnt by Verizon, our AR/VR technology innovator, wants to help teach kids (and all of us) how it works.
Recently they took 45,000 kids from our VIL schools on a virtual tour of our AR/VR lab in Warren, NJ.

Verizon Innovative Learning.

We created the Verizon Innovative Learning (VIL) programs to bring technology education to students – giving them the curriculum, connectivity and hardware they need to be better equipped for the future. It’s a revolutionary innovation to be able to help solve this problem holistically.


About the author(s): 

Peter Casale is a member of the Verizon Corporate Communications team. He's the resident writer, producer and creative who likes to tell stories — just ask his parents, he's been doing it his whole life.