3 careers of the future that are already at Verizon

By: Mehak Mirza
Recruiters share the latest new cyber security roles

Cyber security is one of the most urgent topics in tech right now. And because Verizon is on the front line of data security solutions, serving large companies and governments, our recruiters are always on the lookout for the best experts to stay ahead of potential threats. We spoke with two senior recruiters, who shared three of the coolest and most cutting-edge security "careers of the future" that can already be found here.

Network Forensic Investigator

"We have teams in labs all over the world investigating breaches like the ones you hear about on the news: nation-state actors, cyber terrorism and breaches of critical infrastructure such as power grids," says Anne Romero, Senior Recruiter. "After a breach, our folks are on site within 24 hours, investigating. They're the 'good guys' who go in and look at the code, figure out who the bad guys are, and do the investigative work that makes the world safe," says Romero.

And when they're not investigating, they're prepping: "These teams also do cyber war-gaming," Romero notes. When executives want to simulate a breach or look for critical security leaks, they turn to Verizon's Forensic Investigators to create a kind of drill. In the event of an actual breach, the same team will go in and investigate.

They have this gigantic playground that allows them to be really creative about how they solve big, tough questions about security threats.

Security Solutions Sales Consultant

Before an organization hires Verizon's managed security services, including teams like the Investigators above, they meet with Consultants, who are subject matter experts within the security services team. "We can provide our clients with an end to end security solution, be they in the healthcare, financial, retail, or media and entertainment spaces," says Senior Recruiter Dianna Reader. "Our Security Solutions Sales Consultant work closely with our customers as their trusted security advisor and take a holistic approach to understanding their concerns. As for areas of subject matter expertise, Reader discusses how Managed Security Services is at the core of Verizon’s DNA. “We don’t just provide bits and bites but arrays of sophisticated solutions that help our customers protect their greatest asset - their reputation”.

Cyber Intelligence Researcher

The Cyber Research Team is similar to the Network Forensic team, but is even more future-looking. "They're extremely pro-active," says Romero. "These are the folks working on profiling cyber terrorists. They're building portfolios about who they are and what they want, and the biggest security threats facing our customers today," she says. Rather than focusing on individual companies, the Cyber Intelligence Research team is surveying the future landscape of cyber security as a whole. "They're researching and finding links so we can try to predict the threats our customers might face that aren't already here today," Romero says. Both the Cyber Research Team and Forensic Team "have this gigantic playground that allows them to be really creative about how they solve big, tough questions about security threats, so they kind of run in tandem, but the Cyber Intelligence Research Team is more focused on future threats," Romero says. "They're about staying several steps ahead."