5G is a big deal: Here’s why

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It’s hard to get a single answer to the question, “What is the big deal with 5G?” because there are so many developments and possibilities stemming from its creation. The short answer is, it’s the newest generation of wireless technology with speeds that can be considerably faster than 4G LTE. Looking back on the evolution of wireless communication, we know that higher speeds have led to innovation in technology. As we grow accustomed to the speeds that 5G can allow, we will begin to see what kinds of technology can further advance.

What’s the big deal about 5G? The Internet of Things

When understanding why 5G is a big deal, it’s important to know about the Internet of Things (IoT) and why 5G is expected to have an impact on it. IoT is the rapidly expanding collection of “things” that rely on the internet to collect, share, and transmit data. As technology has progressed, more and more “things” have joined the IoT universe. Ordinary objects like cars, watches, and thermostats have turned smart over the years and rely on the internet to gather and transmit data. Smartwatches, for instance, can use the internet to make phone calls and track fitness patterns. The innovation of making watches smart has since increased the number of things in the IoT, and the number will continue to grow as more advancements in technology are made.

With each generation of wireless communication, the IoT is set to expand. So what does this have to do with 5G? The number of IoT devices is projected to grow to 41 billion by 2027, and much of that increase is expected to be enabled by the expanded connectivity that 5G networks will eventually provide. 5G is also expected to be a big deal in powering the Industrial Internet of Things, or the IIoT, which is one of the largest subsets of the IoT. As IoT systems become enabled by 5G, industrial processes should improve and more opportunities for innovation should arise.

Through the growth of the IoT, new ideas for innovations in other industries are expected to be recognized and should continue to grow as 5G’s potential is further explored. As the IoT grows, technology should advance and help industries work more efficiently than ever. The growth of the IoT depends on 5G, which is why 5G is a big deal.

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