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Automate your Motorola Razr with Smart Actions

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Jack Wallen from TechRepublic shares how the DROID RAZR’s built in Smart Actions app controls how your device will react in certain situations.

The Verizon-branded Motorola Droid Razr is probably one of the most amazing smartphones available. Why? There are many reasons, but one in particular that I’d like to highlight is the Smart Actions utility.

Smart Actions allows you to control how your phone will react in certain conditions. Plenty of applications have done this, but not nearly as well as the Razr’s built-in feature, and not with as much flexibility. With Smart Actions, you can now automate how your phone reacts to locations and other situations in order to save battery life, connect to networks, silence your phone, and even send text message when certain conditions are met.

The Razr has pre-configured sample Smart Action rules that can do the following:

- Adjust device settings when at home

- Adjust device settings when at work

- Play music when headphones are inserted

- Nighttime battery saver

- Battery extender

- Charging reminder

- Quiet location

- Sleep

- Car (turn on maps and adjust settings)

- Local Discovery

Read the rest of the review on TechRepublic’s website.

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