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07.30.2018Inside Verizon

A beloved dog + stolen car + Hum = A happy ending.

By: Rob Rudloff
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A home-based Tech Expert recently helped a customer locate her car, and inside it, her Shih Tzu.

Image of Katrina Quanne. A home-based Tech Expert in Wilmington, NC.

It was a normal day for Verizon customer Mary Harrison in Santa Fe, NM, who briefly left her car running outside of her home. She left her Shih Tzu Molly in the backseat too, as she was just going inside for a second.

But when she came back outside, her car and Molly were both gone.She called Verizon to see if they could help track the car. That's when Katrina Quanne saved the day.

"When she called in, I was taken aback with her car and dog being stolen,” Katrina Quanne, the home-based Tech Expert in Wilmington, NC, who answered the customer’s call, said.. “I really felt for her. I work at home and my two dogs are at my feet all day.”

Katrina pulled up the customer’s account and saw that she had a Hum in her car. “I knew with Hum there was a lot we could do to help her. I pulled up the step-by-step troubleshooting to reset her password and bring up the vehicle's location on her phone. As soon as she saw the car on her phone, she started to cry.”

The car’s location was not far from Mary’s home. She could have walked there, but Katrina advised her to stay safe, call the police, and recover the car together. When Mary got to the car, her dog was still there, safe inside.

"It made me feel really good to be able to help her,” Katrina said. “I know that if it were my dog in the car, that'd be my biggest concern too. I wouldn't even care about my car or my stuff, just getting my dogs back safely. I was so impressed how quickly and accurately Hum found her car. It's awesome that we have this great technology behind our name.”

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This story was originally featured in the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Image of Shih Tzu, Molly.

Molly the Shih Tzu resting happily, safely and comfortably at home. 

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Rob Rudloff is a member of the Verizon Employee Communications team, managing the South Central Wireless Market. The team’s resident audiophile is based in Dallas, TX. You can connect with Rob on Instagram, @rob.vzw.