Beyond the Necktie: 5 Far Out Gadgets for Father’s Day

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There’s no holiday more overlooked than Father’s Day. We prep and shop for Christmas, for birthdays and Mother’s Day, but come June, there’s no time for originality – ties and socks are nice, but how about something more connected? Start by loading up dad's device with the FiOS Mobile app (now available for Android)so he can feel like he's first for once in the house!

What if there were no limits to the gadgetry in Dad’s mancave?

The inventors and scientists know what we’re talking about – the best tech products aren’t in stores, and won’t be – possibly for several years, until the manufacturing becomes efficient and cost-effective. Whether the perfect gift for dad is just a dream or something you’ll bring home this week, remember that sometimes it is the thought that counts.

We rounded up a few of our favorite technologies that dad would love … someday.

1. Benki: We’re living in a world where everything is a program. Your phone, your work computer, your car, all run programs and are connected to the internet. But what about your washing machine, your garage door and your air conditioner? All these things have automatic elements but you need to be home IRL in order to tell them what to do. Benki wants to change that. The vision is to allow you to control all devices from anywhere, with your smartphone, but the  Kickstarter campaign is going to start with a few basics. Whether you’re curious or feeling like an investor, take a gander and daydream about the day when location doesn’t prevent you from saving on electricity.

2. Mr. Roboto:  Dad wants to kick back on Sunday and stay in the hammock and enjoy a cold one. How about a beer bot? Researchers at Cornell built a robot that will track your movements in order to predict when you’re thirsty. Of course, the high hopes for such a robot now involve helping humans with healthcare or at factories – but we all know the best technology will quickly make it to leisure usage. Cheers!

3. LIFX: We still consider the light bulb, along with electricity, the greatest invention, ever. But Thomas Edison, although brilliant, did not create the lightbulbs we use today. If he were still around, he would probably create the LIFX – a light bulb that can be controlled by your smartphone. Think that’s cool? Now imagine diming the light, changing the color and more. It’s not just lighting; it’s an art form.


4. Grill Wrangler: It is that time of year – the sun is coming out and it’s time to relax at home, recording some home movies of the kids or blasting a few nostalgic tunes in the backyard. When it comes to grilling on a barbecue, Dad is the man. He might enjoy this awesome tool that is a tong, spatula and fork all at once. No more chasing down the right tool for the trade – you only need this handy product from the inventors at Quirky.

5. Martin Jetpack: How do you get to work? If it’s not by air, well, you’re probably happily living in the present rather than the future. A few innovative companies are building human aircrafts for personal use – no more waiting in traffic or stuck at red lights, well, until the airspace gets congested. The Jetpack from Martin lifts you straight up into the air so there’s no need for a runway. Unfortunately, it’s not legal in urban areas and runs on gas, so unless you’re rural and live within a few miles of your destination, it likely won’t be of much use – yet.

In the meantime, don't let #DadLast happen at home:


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