Christmas Apps: Using Technology to Connect With Santa

Children everywhere are trading their pens and paper and turning to technology to communicate with Santa this year through Christmas apps.

With apps downloaded onto smartphones or tablets (and a little help from their parents), children can write to and receive letters from Santa, watch him feed his reindeer, find out if they’ve been naughty or nice and track Santa’s sleigh around the globe and into their neighborhoods.

Sara Todd, mom of three and blogger at Close to Home, said she has added technology to her family’s holiday traditions by incorporating Christmas apps.

“I think it's a really fun, interactive way to keep the excitement and magic alive during the season. And if they can be behavior modifying tools for parents for a few weeks, even better,” she said. “I think it impacts our traditions in a positive and interactive way. Do we still make lists for Santa with a good old pencil and paper? Of course. But I enjoy having a direct link to another magical world for them right at my fingertips.”

Sara says several fun holiday apps are available. On the top of her list this year are:

  • ReindeerCam: Santa’s official live feed is available with an app on mobile devices or via the Internet at http://reindeercam.com/. Santa will make appearances every day at 10 a.m., 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. CST through December 24th
  • Elf Yourself: This fun and interactive app lets you turn yourself and your friends into elves using new photos, photos from your library or photos from Facebook.
  • Magic Phone: Want Santa to call your child on demand? This app lets you make and receive calls from Santa.

Other fun Christmas apps include:

  • Letters to Santa: With this free app, children can write and send letters to Santa electronically. Santa will respond to each letter about an hour after the letter is sent.
  • Santa Tracker: This app allows you to follow Santa’s every move at any minute from anywhere, not just on Christmas Eve. A report of Santa’s current location and activity will be followed with every scan.

And no need to worry – we happen to know that Santa is a Verizon Wireless customer, so he has great cell phone reception! ;)

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