Daily Dish Recipes: Cooking With the Intuition by LG From Verizon

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Nicole Humphrey Cook from the Daily Dish Recipes blog in Missouri shares how she used the Intuition™ by LG from Verizon and various cooking apps to help her out in the kitchen.

I’m a little in love at the moment. And it’s not my husband.

I mean I love my husband, this just isn’t about my husband. It’s about this glorious little object. A glorious object called the LG Intuition by Verizon. ...

I mainly used this for trying some ‘new to me’ cooking apps, using some cooking/food apps I already use, phone calls and of course social media. ...

After using it for several cooking apps, I loaded the Kindle App on there and downloaded a few of my cookbooks to see how they would work. It was a total difference of what I see on my standard smartphone. Much clearer, I didn’t need to bend over to read things, I could actually see them as the phone sat on the counter. I found this to be helpful because when your hands are covered in food, you really don’t want to be touching a device that can’t get wet. I enjoyed reading at least two books on the device as well and the experience was wonderful. Larger display, I could see. It was nice. ...

Overall, I would totally recommend this phone/tablet provided of course that you can work with the larger size.

Read the entire post on Daily Dish Recipes.

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