Debika Bhattacharya, champion of diversity in tech.

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Debika Bhattacharya's dedication to diversity and inclusion in tech encourages women to turn their passion into a career with Verizon.

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Verizon’s Vice President of Global Presale Solutions Debika Bhattacharya knows innovation. For more than two decades, she has demonstrated that hard work pays off.  A champion for diversity and inclusion in tech, Debika discusses her journey at Verizon and how she encourages women to take their passion and make it a career.

Building a foundation for success.

With a background in engineering and physics, Debika always knew technology is where she wanted to be. A lover of math and science, her first technology role at Verizon designing internal IP networks had her hooked. From there, Debika supported the company in different roles, citing her job assignment in Europe as a career highlight. On supporting Verizon internationally, Debika says “It was fantastic personally and professionally. It was a great learning experience to work with international customers and a new team.” Now a leader of more than 700 technology professionals across 20 countries, Debika uses her experience to help others navigate the field.

“I’ve been lucky at Verizon because I’ve had sponsors who recognized my talent and had confidence in me, even at times when I didn’t have that same level of confidence in myself.” - Debika Bhattacharya

The opportunity to go beyond.

Debika's dedication to diversity and inclusion in tech has become evident through her Early in Career program and updated job posting initiative. Rather than emphasizing a specific technology platform proficiency, she shifted the focus of job postings to reflect a candidate's technical ability and transferable skills. Debika often considers candidates who demonstrate a desire to learn about new technology as well as a willingness to learn new skills. For her, it's all about their experience and ability to learn rather than being skilled in a specific technology platform. 

As for the Early in Career program, she says,“The Early In Career program was launched in 2018. About half of our new hires were women, all computer science graduates. They’ve done tremendous work for the team. It’s one of our success stories, to be able to hire women straight out of college.” Taking it a step further, Debika shares, “We talk a lot about diversity you can see, but diversity of thought is important. It brings out the best ideas from everybody, not just the most vocal people on a team.” By paving the way for women in technology Debika has helped shift the culture at Verizon further towards inclusivity. 

Verizon works hard to create a diverse and inclusive environment. Everyone should be committed to it. I’m proud that Verizon leadership is fostering that within us.

Debika Bhattacharya

Debika’s advice to those looking to climb the ladder is this: “Step up to difficult problems. Don’t be afraid to do that. That’s when leadership and management recognize that you’re here to solve problems and think bigger than your immediate role. That’s what gets you noticed and promoted.”

Learn more about Verizon’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

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