Denning Bears Lily and her Sister Jewel Star in Live Stream


Senior biologist Dr. Lynn Rogers of the Wildlife Research Institute (WRI) is world-renowned for studying wild black bears for over 40 years in the north woods of Minnesota, near Ely. His current studies include two denning bears, Jewel and Lily. This year, Lily gave birth to two cubs, Eli and Ellie, while Jewel hibernated with her yearlings. Their activity is streamed live to a worldwide audience using the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network and a wireless router from Digi International.You can view the live Den Cams with these links to Lily and Jewel. When will Lily Leave the Den? You can have some bear fun by guessing when Lily and her cubs will emerge from their den. Just use the comment section below to submit your guess for the date and time they will emerge – we will track your comments and provide an update on who guessed the closest! For Dr. Roger’s advice, and to see the two dens, watch our video in this post:


Lily the Bear, Photo courtesy of Jim Stroner

Post your comment on when Lily and her cubs will leave their den! For more information on Dr. Rodgers’ study and to the bears’ social following, check out the following sites:

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