A Direct Line to Santa

As the holiday season is quickly approaching and holiday shopping is in full force, I’d like ask you a personal question:

Have you been naughty or nice?

Actually, it’s not me who wants to know.  It’s Santa.

If you or your family and friends are inclined to share that personal information with him, we at Verizon have set up a “direct line” to the jolly ol’ fella. Just go here and have yourself a merry little video chat with St. Nick.  Feel free to tell him the extent to which you’ve been behaving.  Go right ahead and let him know what’s on your Christmas wish list. Ask him anything you’d like to know about the comings and goings at the North Pole as he and his team prepare for the big night.

Our “Direct Line to Santa” online promotion is one clever way we’re introducing new customers to the amazing benefits of FiOS voice, Internet, and video services. Here’s how it works:  visit our site, tell Santa where you live, and click on Let’s Go. We’ll connect you to Santa’s workshop where you can begin a virtual chat with him. The experience feels like a live video chat.  See for yourself.

When you finish your chat, we’ll let you know whether your home is eligible for FiOS. If so, we’ll link you directly to our FiOS website, where you can learn more.

And while you’re at it, we’ll give you an opportunity to instantly win a $200 gift card to help with your holiday shopping.  A gift card will be awarded every day throughout the promotion, which ends Dec. 25.

Now isn’t this a great alternative to Mall Santa?