Don't Be Tech Support Santa -- Relax this Christmas!

If you’re like me, you’ve never had any formal IT training, but you’re pretty confident when it comes to personal technology. You’ve got a fast Internet connection with a wired and WiFi home network; a PC and fully-loaded home office; and the latest Smart TV. Perhaps you even have a video game console or two, a tablet and a smartphone, along with a couple of set-top boxes in the house to watch TV and movies in every room (or away from home).

You, my friend, are a tech enthusiast -- an early adopter. You’re living the network-powered Borderless Lifestyle and nothing with a power button can hold you back or slow you down... unless you count all your newbie friends and relatives that consider you their personal "Geek Squad."

You know what I’m talking about. Still chuckling about the time your Uncle Ralph couldn’t find the WEP key, or the keyhole, on his new router? How about the hours you’ve spent helping everyone configure their new computers, remove viruses, install new peripherals, fix corrupted drivers, connect new cameras and MP3 players, troubleshoot OS problems, or perform long overdue tune-ups on sluggish machines? The list goes on and on.

While blood may be thicker than water and BFFs may be forever, everyone has their limit, even you. Just thinking about all of those folks on Christmas morning unwrapping shiny new tech toys, scratching their heads and getting ready to give you a shout (as soon as they figure out how to make a call on their new smarthphone) is enough to make you consider an offshore holiday this year. But don’t worry, because I have the answer.

When those emails, txts and calls come in, send them to the Verizon Expert Care webpage. Here they can learn about our Premium Technical Support service, which features round-the-clock, 24/7 access to U.S.-based certified IT pros whose sole job is to help resolve any hardware, software and home networking issue. The service costs just $14.99 per month (stocking stuffer, anyone?), covers both PCs and Macs, and there’s no limit to the number of times your friends and family can call us -- instead of you. And don’t worry if Uncle Ralph isn’t a Verizon customer. The Premium Technical Support plan is available to available to everyone.

There you go -- problem solved. Have a Merry Christmas!