Don’t let April showers put a damper on your workout - embrace sweat and water

By: Albert Aydin
Don’t let April showers put a damper on your workout - embrace sweat and water

Fitness and training isn’t always sunshine and dry skies. Water happens. Whether it’s in the form of sweat or environment, the Garmin vivosmart HR is ready and water resistance so you can focus on raising your heartrate from training…not from anxiety over a wet wearable.

Here are some watery activities where you can confidently wear the fitness band.

Caught in the Rain

April showers really do happen, and suddenly too. Thanks to the vivosmart HR’s water resistance you don’t have to worry about rushing to take it off or losing fitness data. It will continue to function and track your workout stats.

Rain also won’t stop you from receiving notifications. Keep your phone dry in your pocket or bag and the vivosmart HR will still show you texts, calls, and other alerts. No FOMO (fear of missing out) to worry about.

Wet Training

This fitness band is meant for both dry and wet training. Swimmers can appreciate the Garmin vivosmart HR to can track their heartrate pre and post swim. Need to wash out the chlorine afterward? The vivosmart HR is safe to take into the shower. Don’t miss out on those few steps to and from the shower, they all count.

If you’re training for a triathlon or mud run you can get the most out of the vivosmart HR’s smart tracking features like activity intensity for accurate tracking of calories burned. Different activities can burn different amounts of calories.

Mobile Water Resistance Experience

For a complete water resistant mobile experience, the wearable can be paired with a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge – both of which are water resistant in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

Don’t have a water proof phone? Cases are available to give your smartphone that feature; such as the FRĒ Case which is waterproof and fully submergible up to 6.6 feet for 1 hour. With this case, your smartphone and Garmin vivosmart HR will be ready for training.

The Garmin vivosmart HR is currently $129.99 (normally $149.99) for the month of April as part of Verizon’s accessory of the month promotion. To order, visit your local Verizon Wireless store or our accessories page.

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