'Driphter' Slingbox 500 Review


DriphterX from Driphter.com took on the task of writing a Slingbox 500 review as a father of three looking to access content on the go.

Verizon sells accessories . . . right?!? Of course, all the carriers do, but I never would have guessed these accessories would amount to anything more than batteries, cases, chargers, and screen protectors. I received quite an education while researching the latest "Smart" accessories available directly from Verizon Wireless. I found a plethora of really useful and interesting gadgets that are conveniently sorted by Health and Fitness, Lifestyle, and Toys. You can check them out by clicking HERE. In true Driphter fashion, we will be taking a specific look at many of the goodies that Big Red has to offer, so let's start with the Slingbox 500! I have had the pleasure of taking the Slingbox 500 for a spin courtesy of Verizon Wireless and have immensely enjoyed my time with this handy piece of technology. I have known about the Slingbox from its inception a few years back, but never pulled the trigger. Looking back, this was a mistake! I wish I had jumped on this a long time ago.

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