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This Dude Delivers.

By: Peter Casale

With a moped and dream he started a company all because he was lazy, hungry and just wanted to get food delivered.

This Dude Delivers.

The sign on the wall reads: “The road is my office. I am a dude.”

That wall is in an office located in Delray Beach, Florida and is the headquarters of Delivery Dudes — a food delivery service.

Delivery Dudes is not your typical company. It was started by a guy who had no business plan or funding. He didn’t want to wear a suit and tie to work every day. He doesn’t even like to wear pants. But he was hungry.

So with a moped and a dream he started Delivery Dudes.

The Big Koss.

Jayson Koss is a dude. Since he’s the CEO and Founder of Delivery Dudes, I guess that makes him the Head Dude.

So what was his inspiration for starting Delivery Dudes?

I was lazy, hungry and just wanted to get good food delivered.

Jayson Koss, CEO, Delivery Dudes


It doesn't get much simpler than that.

Koss remembers how his friends would be hanging out and no one wanted to leave the couch or the pool deck or the beach to go food for themselves. They wished someone would just bring it to them.

And folks, that is how the idea for Delivery Dudes was born.

It seems like a pretty easy idea. right? They pick up food from restaurants and brings it to you. After all, Jayson lived in New York City, where you can get just about anything you want delivered. So why not in Delray Beach, FL?

Well, there’s actually a lot that goes into it. As Koss explains, “Tech enabled this whole sector to exist and thrive — From placing orders from mobile, desktop or an app, to sending those orders to a restaurant and notifying the drivers — Tech is everything.”

These Dudes run on Verizon.

Koss likes to think of Delivery Dudes as a human company that is technologically enabled.

That’s where Verizon comes in. “Reliability is everything and the Verizon Network is more reliable” says Koss.

If we lose connectivity and orders aren’t getting transmitted the whole thing shuts down, people can’t get food and then people get pissed. Verizon has made this whole process so easy.


What Koss has created is a lot more than just a delivery business, It’s a culture. Verizon is happy to be along for the ride -— one delivery at a time.

Fun Facts about Delivery Dudes...

  • Their main office is called the "Peace Palace"
  • Everyone (boy and girl) is a Dude and needs to be a Dude to work there - that means a good heart and a moral compass
  • The company is driver owned and operated
  • Franchises can be found in South Florida, Tennessee, Oregon and Pennsylvania

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About the author(s): 

Peter Casale is a member of the Verizon Corporate Communications team. He's the resident writer, producer and creative who likes to tell stories — just ask his parents, he's been doing it his whole life.