01.15.2016Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Technology Spotlight: Cybersecurity for fashion, government of the future and understanding new holiday shopping patterns

This week we look at the intersection of technology and variety of industries – government, retail and fashion. It might sound hard to believe but cybersecurity and data breaches are a hot topic within the fashion industry – involving everything from protecting customer information to intellectual property. Also, government continues to be a fertile ground for digital transformation and the US federal government is already examining how the Internet of Things (IoT) can change constituent interactions. Finally, it’s the second week in January but retailers are already thinking about next holiday shopping season – taking lessons learned from this year to apply them to planning for next.

What fashion needs to know about cybersecurity

Cyberattacks have become more frequent, severe and public. Leading fashions brands need to understand the principles of cyber security to protect their customers, intellectual property and reputations. (The Business of Fashion)

GSA’s Denise Turner Roth on the transformation of government

Denise Turner Roth wants to build the government of the future and she sees the IoT driving change in federal workplaces and in how government agencies serve taxpayers in the next decade. (FedScoop)

What solutions providers can learn from the Verizon Retail Index and new holiday shopping patterns

Is Cyber Monday still a day to rally around or simply being kept alive by etailers who only have an ecommerce presence? It may sound crazy given it’s still early January but retailers are looking at the data from December and asking these (and other) questions. The answers they find will help shape their 2016 holiday sales strategies and possibly how (and when) we buy presents. (Business Solutions)