Verizon's Network Helps Farmers Take Advantage of New Crop of Farming Apps

As farmers begin their fall harvest, many are taking more than just a combine into their fields.

Dennis Kahl, an Extension Educator in Entrepreneurship and Leadership at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, tells us that farmers now rely on mobile technology like farming apps to help them work more quickly and make decisions more accurately.

By taking advantage of Verizon Wireless’ network, Kahl says farmers have the mobility they need to access resources when and where they need them – whether they’re inside the farmhouse or out in the field.

A healthy crop of farming apps is available through UNL’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, including:

Aphid Speed Scout – an app used to determine whether soybean plants are infested.

Crop Water – a calculator that estimates the soil water status based on Watermark sensors installed at depths of one, two and three feet.

Market Journal – an app that provides an up-to-date broadcast of weekly crop reports, markets, weather and current insect, disease and harvest issues.

To learn more about these and other mobile farming resources, visit Kahl’s blog and follow the Extension Office on Twitter at @UNL_Cropwatch, @UNLBeef, @IANRNewsService and @UNLExtension.

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