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GadgetNerdly Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

Randy from GadgetNerdly shares why he thinks the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the "lightest, thinnest and longest lasting tablet" he has ever used.

Verizon Wireless released the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G back in the later part of 2011. Since then a lot of tablets have came out and yet some how the Galaxy Tab has managed to hold its own and continues to be one of the best alternatives to an iPad around today. Verizon was kind enough to send me a Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G to play with and I have really enjoyed using it over the last few weeks. After getting a chance to use the device I think that the Galaxy Tab was either slightly ahead of its time or it has just simply aged well. Read on for our full review to find out why


The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is very light for its size thanks to the use of seemingly nothing besides plastic in its construction, something that may turn off those that like the feel of the higher quality materials found on some of the other tablets out there. Although the device is almost entirely made of plastic, it still feels solidly constructed. The lightweight and thinness combine to make this a very comfortable tablet to hold and use on daily basis.

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