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10.12.2017Enterprise Tech

How one Australian startup is revolutionizing childcare

By: Nilesh Pritam
Watch Video about Xplor: How one Australian start-up is revolutionizing childcare

Any parent will tell you that leaving their child at a preschool or childcare center can be mildly distressing. No matter how well-recommended the institution, it can be hard to overcome the feeling that you are leaving your child with strangers – and easy to conjure up all types of potential negative scenarios and emotions.

In that same vein, speak to a childcare educator and you will often hear tales of the long hours, lengthy administrative processes and stressful discussions that often come into play when dealing with over-anxious parents.

Enter Mark Woodward - founder and chief executive of Xplor.

The Melbourne-based company has developed a platform for parents to connect with their children in real-time while they are in daycare or school. Each child is allocated its own profile, which is updated by staff throughout the day with photos, videos, mealtimes, sleep tracking and other observations. Milestones such as first words and steps are recorded and added to the child’s timeline, allowing the parent to watch live as the day unfolds - and also share securely with others. Parents are also able to send messages to the caretakers instantly, and can also pay childcare bills directly through the app for no extra cost.

Parents who use the app benefit by being able to check on their child, with video and photos available, at any time of the day. In return, administration is significantly reduced for caretakers and teachers, meaning they are able to spend more quality time with the children, and childcare centers and classrooms can run more efficiently.

Xplor now boasts more than 200,000 happy parents on its platform with offices in Australia, the United States and Malaysia.

Watch the video to learn a little more about Mark’s transformational journey with Verizon. 

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Nilesh is a communications manager for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, overseeing Verizon’s external communications in the Asia-Pacific region.