Illinois Events Getting a 4G LTE Network Boost – From Chicago to Springfield

Once the sun comes out and the weather gets warmer, there’s one thing Illinois residents can depend upon – there’s no shortage of exciting summer festivals and events in the state.

Verizon Wireless is providing 4G LTE COLT assistance for many of the larger and most popular events in Illinois this summer. A COLT, or “cells on light truck,” is a fully functional mobile cell site that significantly increases the capacity of the 4G LTE network in a given area. Since summer events draw a high number of people to one area, COLTs are invaluable for the additional coverage they provide.

Verizon customers at these events can confidently share the fun with their families and friends back home – with the ability to send photos, surf the Internet and use other popular applications on their wireless devices with the speed and quality they’ve come to depend on from the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

This summer, we will have our COLT vehicles set up and ready to support these popular events:


The 20,000-pound COLT is a vehicle equipped with a 30-foot antenna, a back-up generator and is packed with network equipment that will utilize Verizon’s XLTE spectrum to increase capacity for the thousands of wireless phone users attending these events.

So go ahead – get a little BBQ sauce on your shirt at the Naperville Ribfest, or sing it out with Sammy Hagar at the Illinois State Fair. You’ll be completely prepared to experience and share all the summer excitement in Illinois.

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