In the Market for a New Home? Consider these Apps for House Hunting


Warm weather across the United States traditionally marks the beginning of the busy season for buying homes. Realtors and potential buyers alike see the return of the sun and begin the process of reviewing the market and neighborhoods for the best real estate available. However, in this new digitally connected world, there's no need to jump in the car and drive the streets looking to see what's available. Instead, there's an assortment of apps for house hunting that can allow you, from the comfort of your couch, see the curb appeal of homes across the country.

Verizon's own Zack George recently sat down with WNWO anchor Brittany Patterson to discuss some of these apps for house hunting that can help you prioritize your efforts and make the most of your weekend drive-around. Apps discussed include Zillow, Realtor.com and more:

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