INFOGRAPHIC: Famous Internet Firsts, Then & Now

By: Jerry Rizzo

We are at an interesting time in the history of the web. We are producing and sharing content at an unprecedented rate. We are also facing a generation that will only know life at the speed of the web and emerging technology. I find that I am often enthralled with “what’s next?” and rarely reflect on where some of this all began.

WebpageFX, a Harrisburg, PA-based, Internet marketing, web design, and web development agency, recently published the below infographic highlighting “Famous Internet Firsts.” Researcher Dan Shaffer  was originally inspired by a 2013 Business Insider post on the topic. From there, Shaffer and team sourced each fact in the post and updated today's numbers with additional research.

Throughout the research and design process, Shaffer found himself trying wrap his mind around the way the Internet has shaped and transcended our lives.

“It's crazy that we've come so far in just a few decades. Try wrapping your mind around the fact that there are 1.8 billion photos uploaded EVERYDAY. Then compare that to the fact that only ONE picture was ever uploaded to the Internet before 1992.”

Famous Internet Firsts: Then & Now
Created by WebpageFX

About the author(s): 

Jerry Rizzo is Digital Communications Manager for Verizon and all-around digital media enthusiast. Tracking trends in technology, design, and social media, Jerry is always on the hunt to tell the next great story.