10.06.1995Enterprise Tech

INnet and BELNET connect their networks




Antwerp--As of today, two of the most important Belgian networks, the BELNET network en the INnet network, are directly connected to each other. BELNET is the Belgian research network connecting the Belgian universities to the Internet. As a professional Internet Service Provider, INnet delivers Internet access, security services and online services through the World Wide Web to the BENELUX market. This connection, a so called peering agreement, between the two providers, results in a mutual exchange of traffic destined for either one of these networks through a leased line connection.

For users of the INnet network, this agreement means that in visiting a Webserver at a Belgian university, the information does not take an international route, but flows directly from one network to the other within Belgium. Internet users in the academic world from their side now have a fast access to the Webservers on the INnet network, both INnet customers' Websites and the INnet Interserver itself.

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