10.28.1995Enterprise Tech

INnet expands the international bandwidth capacity of its network to 512 kilobit/s.




Antwerp -- As of today, the international bandwidth capacity of the INnet network is expanded to 512 kilobit/second. This fast link to the rest of the world goes through PIPEX International, the single largest European-based provider of commercial-quality Internet solutions. This network does not only offer excellent connectivity to the rest of Europe, but also several parallel links to the USA, with a total capacity of over 6 Megabit/second. For users of the INnet network, this fourfold capacity improvement gives them a fast and reliable Internet connection. Companies that offer information through the INnet network via a Website are ensured of excellent accessibility and reachability. The wide range of Internet business applications is becoming even more attractive to more and more companies. Commenting on the bandwidth improvements, Luc Dierckx, Managing Director of INnet, said "As demand for bandwidth over the Internet steadily grows, it is important for INnet to be able to not only meet, but exceed customer requirements."

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