July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month: How NOT to Be Courteous With Your Smartphone

Let’s be honest - we all love our smartphones, but sometimes the people using them can be flat-out irritating.

Since July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, we decided to ask some St. Louis Verizon customers about their most annoying cell phone encounters. The feedback was even more cringe-worthy than we had imagined. If you can relate to any of these, we hope you’ll remember to be considerate with your phone not only this month, but all year long.

  • “I have a co-worker with a ringtone that rivals the loudest rock concert, and her phone is never with her when it goes off. So, about twice a day, her phone starts blasting the most annoying ringtone you have ever heard, scaring everyone at their desks. And we just have to listen to it until it goes to voicemail.” – Kate B.
  • “Every single green light, every single time – the person at the front is texting on their phone and doesn’t go. And when I honk, they look at me like I’m the jerk.” – Evan R.
  • “It’s bad enough to text during a movie, but someone actually answered their phone at the last movie I was at, and was basically scream-whispering ‘I’M IN A MOVIE!’ over and over. No one said anything, because I think we all were amazed it was actually happening.” – Jeremy E.
  • “This was actually funnier than annoying, but an older guy in line in front of me must have left his GPS on when he reached the store because the whole time we’re standing there, his pocket is going ‘TURN LEFT. TURN LEFT.’ I don’t think he could hear it.” – Joseph J.
  • “The priest told everyone to silence their cell phones at my wedding. And then his went off in the middle.” – Amy A.
  • “The easiest way to make a 20 minute car ride seem like an eternity? My friend lets his kid play with the phone in the backseat, and he was playing on the Cat Piano app the entire ride. I don’t know what your limit is for an app that makes howling cat noises, but I learned mine that day.” – Garrett H.

Have a similar moment to share? Let us know your favorite feature in the comments below, and avoid being the punchline to someone else’s story by following these handy etiquette tips:


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