MAKERS filmmaker Dyllan McGee encourages women to break every ceiling.

By: Katie Regner

Dyllan McGee take us behind the scenes of women fighting for equality in the workplace and at home.

MAKERS podcast with Dyllan McGee

Katie Couric doesn’t call her “relentless” for nothing. It’s because documentarian Dyllan McGee is relentless in the pursuit of telling stories of how women have impacted society over the last 50 years.

In our latest Up To Speed podcast, I sat down with MAKERS founder Dyllan McGee. MAKERS is part of Oath, and it’s a media brand that tells the stories of groundbreaking women.

A documentary filmmaker, Dyllan turned a rejection from Gloria Steinem into a platform that has told the stories of more than 400 women - from ones you know, like Madeleine Albright, to some you might not, like Little League’s first female player, Maria Pepe.

“Gloria Steinem has this quote where she says, ‘Change —real change takes 100 years.’ And so if we don't start breaking every ceiling that's around us...we're never going to get there.” - Dyllan McGee

From taking a digital-first approach before it was en vogue, to now, using these stories to help women break every ceiling (the MAKERS oath), hear from a born storyteller on how she’s working every day to redefine perceptions around feminism.

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