Meet the Blogger: Aaron Zollo of ZolloTech

For this installment of our Meet the Blogger series, we talked with Aaron Zollo, founder of ZolloTech, a Pittsburgh-based tech blogger who provides up to date reviews, “unboxings,” comparisons and more. We specifically talked to him about why he chooses to use two devices. Aside from his daily delves into ever-changing new product updates, we asked him about the devices he considers staples.

All tech all the time. From the alarm ringing on his iPhone in the morning to the final email he sends on his Nexus 4 at night, Aaron Zollo lives a tech-saturated life. Since 2008, Zollo has been blogging about everything from Android phones to Macbook holders, but despite his ever-growing list of new devices, he keeps two phones on hand at all times.

According to Pew Research Center, 52% of Americans use their smartphone to send and receive e-mails and 60% use it to access the Internet. For Zollo, the question remains: Which of his smartphones does he use for each activity? We wanted to learn more about the two fundamental devices of a tech whiz.

Which phones do you have, and why own more than one?

I regularly carry two phones: one is an iPhone 5s and the other a Nexus 4. My iPhone is my personal phone, while the Nexus I consider my work phone.

What primary functions do you reserve for your personal phone vs. your work phone?

First off, I use WiFi on my work phone, mostly to keep it affordable. The Nexus connects well with Google Drive, which is a feature I often use at work. Of course, I send and receive emails, usually all work-related, as well.

The iPhone is everything. I call, email, connect to the Internet, as well as do all photo-related activities. It has a significantly better camera. I regularly use MoneyWiz. It’s a personal finance application that used to only be available on Apple products, so I would sync it with my Macbook and iPad at home. I consider it my personal phone. I iMessage my family all the time.

So, would you consider your family an “Apple” family?

Yes! We are all connected on Apple devices, even my one-year-old grabs my iPad when he can. We also have Apple TV. For Zollotech, I’m always recording reviews and whatnot, so I almost always have my iPad, Macbook and iPhone in hand. My first ever smartphone was even an iPhone 1, back in 1997. I’ve updated consistently ever since.

Do you keep your work life and personal life separate on your phones?

I try to keep personal things on the iPhone and work-related content on the Nexus. Sometimes calls and texts are intermingled, but for the most part I try to keep them separate. As far as where I house them, both can be found in my right front pocket at any time throughout the day. They have a different shape and size, but both are black and neither is in a case. I’ve never broken a phone as long as I’ve had one, so I’m not worried about it. I have a simple skin and screen protector on my iPhone. My Nexus is naked.

Finally, is there ever a time when you disconnect from one phone or the other?

I am rarely disconnected from my phones. I silence them and put them in my pocket when necessary, but throughout the week I’m on one or the other. On weekends, I shut off my work phone and keep it by its charger. Before bed on weeknights, I keep my iPhone by my bed and leave my Nexus charging by the computer with the rest of my devices.

Have a tech question for Aaron? Check out his blog, ZolloTech.

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