Small business owners - a missed call is missed revenue

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09.23.2016Business Tech

A missed call is missed revenue

By: Alexander Doyle
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Our small business customers tell us they need to be constantly reachable.

A few years ago, while researching the obstacles small businesses face, my team learned that the average small business misses about 80 percent of their incoming calls. They're either missed completely, or go to voicemail. Our new One Talk service is built on the idea that never missing an opportunity means never missing a call.

One Talk—a mobile-first communication service targeted at small businesses—allows each employee to have a single number that spans their desktop, mobile and even home office phones. It uses smart algorithms to easily route every call to the right person, wherever that person happens to be.

… a small business can now give the aura of a more established company.

One Talk customer

One of our customers runs a heating and air-conditioning company in the Northeast. After using One Talk for a few days, he told us, "Look, the world has changed for businesses like ours. We're in a search engine world. If someone has a need for a heating and air conditioning company, they're going to go to Yahoo or Yelp, and they're just going to start making calls. The first person to take that call will be the person who gets that business." Prior to One Talk, our customer was missing 70 percent of his calls, and he's calculated that this service will pay for itself with one customer win.

And even though you may be an entirely virtual business, One Talk can make your business feel like a bigger brick-and-mortar company. Because of features like Auto Receptionist and Hunt Group, a small business can now give the aura of a more established company with more employees, and that's a competitive advantage.

The Hunt Group feature is like a built-in customer service hotline. When a call comes in, you can have it routed to the employees who are on call at that time.

You can also have your calls go to an automated receptionist, who greets callers and routes them to the best person, depending on a variety of factors you choose, like who is on call, the time of day, and weekend and holiday scheduling.

Customers want to focus on their core business, not their chore business.

One of the things we hear from companies is "We want to focus on our core business, not our chore business." They see taking care of their telecom system as a pain point they don't want to deal with, so we made it a priority to offer easy pricing and the ability to get up and running in a matter of hours.

Someone starting a new company today might begin at the coffee shop, then move into an incubator, and then eventually get their own office. Because of the built-in mobility of One Talk, they don't have to buy a new phone service each time they move—the service grows with them, allowing them to serve their customers with total flexibility.