Infographic: Mobile Advertising is on the Rise

Advertising has come a long way since the middle ages when shopkeepers would hire young boys to run through the streets shouting their messages to the masses. If you value your quiet time, you should really be thankful for mobile advertising. Well, at least most of the time.

The history of mobile advertising goes back to the invention of the very first cellular telephone, which was invented by Motorola in 1973. This bulky, low-tech device paved the way for the current popularity of mobile devices. In just a few short decades we went from phones that were wired to the wall to supercomputers more powerful than the first space shuttle that fit in our pockets.

These supercomputers are now the primary source of communication and entertainment for most of us. Not only do they make phone calls and send text messages, but we can also surf our social networks and play games on them.

This is where mobile advertising comes in: Those social networks and games don’t exist for fun. Their primary purpose is to make money for their developers, and that is done through mobile advertising.

So the next time you impatiently wait for a mobile ad to clear so you can keep playing Words With Friends, be thankful instead that you don’t have to pay what it actually cost to develop the game.

Check out the infographic below from Startapp to learn more about the rise of mobile advertising.

alt="Growth of Mobile Advertising" width="550" border="0">Courtesy of StartApp

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