Mobile March: Future Imagined With Dynamic Data & Internet of Things

Dynamic data is the kind of information that will lead you to take action. This is what the Internet of Things promises as analysts are forecasting more than 20 billion Internet-connected devices in the next decade.

Speakers at the Mobile March Twin Cities 2014 Conference, held in Minneapolis on March 20, gave insights into how machines, people and data will benefit from the stream of information available from chatting devices.

We put together this short video from the event with Mark Nicholson, connected solutions engineer at Verizon, discussing the benefit of devices "chatting":

Let’s take a look at information in your daily routine: your calendar of appointments, the time you wake up to get to your first meeting and the traffic on your morning route to work. When those separate pieces of data “chat” with each other on devices, then dynamic decisions can be made.

Here’s how your morning routine might be enhanced in the near future:

Your alarm (which may be your mobile device, tablet or even “connected alarm clock”) is set for the usual time. Your meeting location is included in your calendar, which is also talking to your clock and map application, which is talking to a real-time traffic database. This brings all the critical information together to get you to your meeting on time. The result is your alarm will go off 45 minutes earlier based on these information resources talking to each other. Sure, you have to get up a little earlier, but your stress level is considerably lower given that you’ll arrive in plenty of time to lead that meeting.

As displayed in this infographic, here's what a typical day may look like for you in the future thanks to connected devices:

Presentation decks from more thought experts at Mobile March Twin Cities are available here: http://mobilemarchtc.com/resources/.

Mobile March was founded by Justin Grammens, Phil Wilson and Linda Cummings in 2010. Monthly meetings are held to discuss trends and software on all mobile applications.

Disclosure: Verizon was a sponsor of this year's Mobile March event.

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