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Nokia Lumia 822 With Windows Phone 8 Gets Four “Paws” Up

This is a guest post from Josie Mickey, owner and operator of The Pet Fair Mobile Spa in Columbia, MO.

Recently, I had the opportunity to take the new Nokia Lumia 822 smartphone from Verizon Wireless for a test drive. And when I say “take it for a test drive,” I mean that literally. I am the owner and manager of The Pet Fair Mobile Spa – a pet service operation on wheels that provides dogs and cats with a spa-like grooming appointment right at their front doors.

As such, mobile connectivity is very important to me. I not only use my smartphone to make appointments on the fly, but also to get maps and directions to clients’ homes and to send photographs of the pets to their owners once they have been appropriately coiffed (the 8-MP rear-facing camera on the Lumia takes perfect pet pictures!).

I have used a phone with the original Windows operating system for a few years now and have been waiting for the opportunity to try the new Windows 8 mobile operating system. I am happy to report that the Nokia Lumia with its Windows 8 capabilities gets high marks.

Let’s start with the phone and the home screen. I like the larger screen size of the Nokia Lumia in terms of readability and found the color and clarity of the display to be quite vivid. When paired with the Windows 8 operating system, the result is great.

Windows 8 relies on a series of tiles on the home screen that serve as the primary navigational and organizational matrix for the phone. The new variable tile size feature and color options make customizing the phone to my needs easier than ever, allowing me to display more options on my home page without the need for excessive scrolling.

The device has a solid construction and heft to it, and I like the set up that arranges all the hard key buttons on one side of the phone. That comes in handy when I have a smartphone in one hand and a rambunctious pup in the other.

The Nokia Lumia and Windows 8 system also work well for me when I am wearing my family hat. The new Family Room feature allows me to create synchronized calendars for the entire family and the segregated Kid’s Room screen allows me to load games or pictures specifically to that area of the device when my 4-year-old daughter becomes intrigued by mommy’s shiny cell phone.

Overall, I am glad I waited for the new Windows 8 operating system and will be upgrading soon. I like the Windows operating system, and I know it will become even more useful to me when I upgrade to a new PC laptop in terms of compatibility. Also, I have had no problem finding apps that meet my personal needs – and the list will only get longer over time.

For me, I give the new Nokia Lumia and Windows 8 four paws up.

Josie Mickey is the owner and operator of The Pet Fair Mobile Spa in Columbia, MO. You can follow her on Facebook at:

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