Organizing Your Home Entertainment Experience

Verizon customers have long enjoyed the benefits of a super-fast Internet and unparalleled entertainment choices, but did you know you could organize your complete entertainment experience through a Verizon web portal? The Verizon entertainment web site delivers everything you need to know about your connected lifestyle, from news and health tips to TV and movie selections.

When you reach the home page, you are presented with a wide-ranging choice of current news headlines, recommended TV shows, fun games, and an eclectic mix of news and entertainment videos from around the Web. If you want to dive a little deeper, there are 10 separate channels, covering everything from sports to travel. You can get stock quotes and the latest financial news; career advice and help with a job search; shopping bargains on a whole range of items; and a local business finder using Verizon’s own Visual 411 search tool.

But perhaps the best part of the web portal is the TV and movie section, which features a full guide to all those FiOS networks and TV shows, including all the live programming that’s available online. There is also information on Pay Per View events, details of your own TV and movie library, and information on equipment, settings, FiOS TV widgets, and more.

If you’re looking to rent or buy a movie, the Flex View library features over 45,000 titles. Flex View gives you the option to watch movies and TV shows on your TV; on your computer through a web browser; or on a variety of mobile devices, including an iPad, iPhone, Android device, or Kindle.

Of course, the entertainment portal wouldn’t be complete without access to your own FiOS account, including the ability to check e-mail, pay your bill, watch TV online, and even manage your DVR settings.

FiOS TV and Internet offer a world of entertainment choices. Verizon’s web portal helps me organize those choices and deliver the home entertainment experience I’ve always dreamed about!