Portable Battery Packs: "You the real MVP"

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Portable Battery Packs: "You the real MVP"

Smartphone battery and charging technology has improved in the last couple years. We now see phones that can last up to 48 hours and charge from 0 to 100% in a short amount of time. But there are still times where we take extended breaks from power outlets, and that’s where portable battery packs can keep you away from the dreaded “low battery” alert.

Beyond Smartphones

Another way portable batteries have become so helpful is their versatility thanks to more devices supporting USB charging. A portable battery pack can charge your compatible e-book reader, digital camera, tablet, toy drone, fitness wearable, portable Bluetooth speakers, and more.

In today’s world it’s not so farfetched anymore to carry more than one device in your everyday life. Having a battery can help ease that worry of battery life or carrying our multiple chargers.


Portable batteries, like smartphones, come in different shapes and sizes. Two common styles are the traditional battery pack with charging cable or a phone case that doubles as a charger for your phone.

The mophie Powerstation 3X is more on the traditional side but has some modern features you may not know about. It has Priority+Charging so when you need to recharge your battery pack and phone at the same time the Powerstation will prioritize and charge your phone first and then recharge the battery pack. It also has dual USB ports so you can charge two devices simultaneously.

The Powerstation 3X is the March Accessory of the Month and it’s available at the discounted price of $59.99 (normally $79.99) until the end of the month.

The other portable battery style takes the form of a case that protects and charges your phone, like the LifeProof FRE Power Case.  And it also has features you may not have heard of, such as Auto-Stop Charging where once your phone reaches 100%, it stops charging to preserve power for later. You don’t need to turn it off or worry about wasting power.

Our mobile devices have become smarter, and that includes portable battery packs.

Albert Aydin is a Verizon Wireless analyst for Corporate Communications focusing on the latest and greatest wireless devices. He writes about smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots and all the cool things you can do using 4G LTE. He also writes about those upcoming devices en Español. He was a Verizon Wireless summer intern throughout his college years before joining the team full time in 2010.


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