Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile, Hughes Network Systems Install First Commercial System

November 29, 1995

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Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile, Hughes Network Systems Install

First Commercial System




NYNEX Mobile (BANM) customers in the metropolitan Boston

area can now take advantage of a new mobile data service that

is revolutionizing business communications. Bell Atlantic

NYNEX Mobile has turned on the first commercial cellular

digital packet data (CDPD) system in Boston. The service, called

AirBridge(R) Packet, is available in the city and along Route

128 -- locally known as "America's Technology Corridor."

Hughes Network Systems (HNS) supplied Bell Atlantic

NYNEX Mobile with the network infrastructure equipment

and a "turnkey" installation, including mobile database

stations that were deployed in an unprecedented 21 days from first

order to commercial service. With the addition of Boston, Bell

Atlantic NYNEX Mobile now offers CDPD service in all

of its regions.

"With CDPD, Boston's mobile workers may soon be able

to use a credit card to pay for that taxi ride to the airport.

And, if they get stuck in Route 128 traffic on the way, they

can see productivity gains by using CDPD to send and receive e-mails

with portable computers and personal digital assistants,"

said Jack Plating, Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile president

- Northeast. "With the availability of CDPD in Boston, we

have fulfilled our commitment to giving customers in all our regions

access to the service by the end of the year."

"HNS is pleased to have been chosen to provide the CDPD

infrastructure for the Boston market. The Bell Atlantic

NYNEX Mobile CDPD subscribers will find that the system

will provide tremendous flexibility in accommodating their wireless

data transmission needs," said Jake MacLeod, HNS assistant

vice president for digital cellular networks. "No longer

will the Boston subscribers be tethered to a wired telephone for

data transmission and reception."

CDPD is a technology that efficiently transmits short bursts

or "packets" of data over the cellular infrastructure.

Its completely open and widely supported standard offers inherent

encryption to protect the user's data, and its specification is

based on the widely used Internet protocol (TCP/IP) for ease of

implementation by customers.

CDPD enables a wide variety of applications in healthcare,

field service, law enforcement, public utilities, finance, alarm

service, and other fields. Public and private service providers

can use CDPD to monitor and control devices such as traffic lights,

meters, alarm systems, or vending machines.

AirBridge Packet service complements the other wireless data

services presently offered by Bell Atlantic NYNEX

Mobile: AirBridge Fax, AirBridge Circuit-switched Solutions,

and AirBridge Gateway.

In April 1994, Bell Atlantic Mobile launched the nation's

first large scale CDPD networks in Washington/Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

Since then, service has been introduced in Connecticut, Philadelphia,

New Jersey, North Carolina, Arizona, and most recently, New York

City. HNS provided the network infrastructure in Pittsburgh,

Connecticut, North Carolina, and Phoenix.

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile is also a charter

member of the CDPD Forum Inc., a trade association dedicated to

promoting use of the CDPD standard.

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile, headquartered in

Bedminster, N.J., is the largest wireless service provider on

the East Coast and the second largest provider in the United States.

The company offers a full range of wireless voice, data and paging

communications solutions to its three million customers in the

Northeast, mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and, through a separate subsidiary,

in the Southwest. The company was formed in July 1995 through

a combination of Bell Atlantic Mobile's and NYNEX Mobile's

cellular operations. The company has more than 5,000 employees.

Headquartered near Washington, DC, with international sales

and support offices worldwide, Hughes Network Systems is a leading

provider of wireless communications, satellite and enterprise

network solutions. HNS is a subsidiary of Hughes Electronics Corporation.

The earnings of Hughes Electronics are used to calculate the

earnings per share attributable to GMH (NYSE symbol) common stock.

CDPD's Many Applications Serve a Variety of Users

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile is working with software

developers, equipment manufacturers, and systems integrators to

be able to present entire packaged solutions to potential customers.

In addition, the company has opened to these companies its wireless

technology "Greenhouse" -- a laboratory setting in which

new wireless data products and services can be developed, tested,

and nurtured.

Working closely with a number of pioneering, visionary customers,

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile has introduced several

major CDPD applications and then replicated that success throughout

its markets. Some customers already taking advantage of AirBridge

Packet CDPD service are:

-- the police forces in the towns of Groton, Conn.; Bridgewater,

N.J.; and Alexandria, Va.; who use AirBridge Packet to obtain

critical information about possible criminal activity, look up

databases, or file reports without being concerned about others

intercepting their messages.

-- merchants who use Firstnet Corporation's AireTrans Air

Connect System service and AirBridge Packet service to perform

secure wireless credit card verification at a fraction of the

time of standard landline verification.

-- more than 750 mobile workers in the gas unit at New Jersey-based

Public Service Electric & Gas will use pen-based computers

to send and receive real-time information on repair requests and

customer orders over the AirBridge Packet network.

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile also provides extensive

after-sale support to its customers including a specially trained

data sales force; a data-specific product management team to create

customer-specific solutions; and a help desk to support both company

and customer data users.

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