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NYNEX Responds to MCI Mischaracterization

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July 10, 1997

Contact: Bob Varettoni, 212-395-0500 or

Mark Marchand, 518-396-1080

NYNEX Responds to MCI Mischaracterization

NEW YORK -- The following statement can be attributed to Bill Allan, vice
president - Regulatory Affairs for NYNEX in New York, in response to a statement
earlier this evening by MCI which mischaracterizes a July 8 ruling by the New York
Public Service Commission:

"This preliminary ruling from a PSC admistrative law judge is a good
blueprint for a successful long distance application by NYNEX in New York, and it
finds that we have met many of the requirements for long distance entry. In those
areas where we fall short, it sets the standard for what needs to be done to supplement
our original filing. This ruling is based on what we had accomplished by last April
in developing the means for other companies to compete here in New York. We have
come a long way since then.

"The long distance carriers have been trying to set the rules for entry
into long distance here and across the country, constantly trying to change the standards.
We're pleased that this ruling sets out specific requirements that we're confident
we can meet. Ultimately, it's up to the PSC and the FCC to decide, not the carriers.

"The best way to promote competition in New York would be to allow NYNEX
into the long distance market. It's at that point that MCI and other large long distance
companies will finally get serious about entering the local market in New York.

"Based on the progress we have made since April, along with what we plan
to do in the near future, we are confident that when we fully supplement our original
draft filing to provide long distance in New York, our case will be successful at
the state and federal level."

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