Recordings of Family and Friends' Voice Mail Messages Offered to Verizon Customers across the Country

NEW YORK -- Verizon and Verizon Wireless voice mail customers anywhere in the United States can request cassette

recordings of messages they received from family and friends during this month's terrorist attacks.

"In light of the tragedies in Manhattan, Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon, we wanted to offer the recordings to

those who may have received messages from family and friends affected by the Sept. 11 attacks," said Maura Breen,

Verizon senior vice-president and chief marketing officer for Retail Markets.

To request a recording, free of charge, customers can call their local Verizon business office number listed in the

information pages of their local phone book, or on their phone bill. Verizon Wireless customers should call


Recognizing the significance of voice mail messages for family, friends and businesses in lower Manhattan, Verizon

officials turned off the system's "janitor" feature which deletes messages after seven to 30 days, depending on

the customer's location and type of voice mail service. Increasing the memory capacity of Verizon voice mail systems

nationwide was not practical because of the need for capacity to store new messages, so customers are urged to place tape

requests within the next two weeks.

Customers will need to give their voice mail password to the Verizon representative to access their mailbox so the

recordings can be made. Verizon will make the tapes and mail them to customers.

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