Verizon Amps Up FiOS Internet With Increased Two-Way Speeds and Launches Free Netbook/Camcorder Promotion

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Verizon FiOS continues creating the ultimate broadband and home-entertainment experience by introducing on Monday (June 22) new, faster broadband speeds - both downstream and upstream - for the most popular FiOS Internet services. The company is also offering compelling incentives for consumers to subscribe to FiOS. New customers who order qualifying FiOS bundles are eligible for a free Compaq Mini netbook* or a Flip Ultra™ camcorder.

"From its inception just five years ago, Verizon FiOS has transformed the American broadband and home-entertainment experience by delivering innovative services that our competitors can't match," said Mike Ritter, chief marketing officer for Verizon Telecom. "Today FiOS leaps forward again with faster two-way broadband speed options that free customers to fully participate in today's interactive, multimedia Web."

Verizon is doubling-to-quadrupling the upstream connection speeds and increasing the downstream connection speeds of its most popular FiOS Internet offerings. The company has raised the connection speed of its entry-level FiOS Internet service from 10/2 megabits per second (Mbps) to 15/5 Mbps, and has raised the connection speed of its flagship, mid-tier offering from 20/5 Mbps to 25/15 Mbps. In New York City, on Long Island and in other New York City suburbs, FiOS Internet is even faster with a new entry-level connection speed of 25/15 Mbps, and a new mid-tier offering of 35/20 Mbps, available only in bundles.

According to a survey of residential broadband users in the U.S. by the market intelligence firm In-Stat ("US Broadband Speeds on the Rise," In-Stat, Feb. 2009), the average upstream connection speed used by cable broadband customers is 2.68 Mbps. Verizon is offering speeds two-to-seven times faster than this typical cable upload speed.

"From grade-schoolers to grandparents, no one wants to wait for long uploads any more than they want to wait for long downloads," said Ritter. "Verizon has good news for people who want to enjoy interactive applications like video chat, quickly back up their hard drives, upload photos and videos to e-mail and social networking sites, or send large files to co-workers or clients: The ultra-fast downstream and upstream speed you need every day is here. It's widely available, affordably priced, and there are no artificial limits placed on how much you can use."

Using a 20 Mbps upstream broadband connection, a consumer could upload 200 photos in about 90 seconds, a 20-minute high-def video in less than 7 minutes and a one-hour HD movie in about 20 minutes. (Listen to photographer and educator Kathy Halamka on why fast FiOS connections are important to her.)

New Promotion Provides Powerful Incentives

To encourage even more customer defections from cable to FiOS TV and Internet services, Verizon has also launched a compelling new promotional offer that runs through Aug. 15.

New customers who sign up for a triple bundle that consists of FiOS Internet with a connection speed of 25/15 Mbps or higher, FiOS TV Extreme HD service and FiOS Essentials voice service will receive their choice of a free Compaq Mini netbook* valued at $299.99 (customer only pays shipping, handling and taxes) or a free Flip Ultra camcorder, valued at $149.99.

New customers who order a triple bundle that consists of FiOS Internet with a connection speed of 15/5 Mbps or higher, FiOS TV Essentials service and Freedom Essentials voice service will receive a free Flip Ultra camcorder, or they can opt to purchase a Compaq Mini netbook* for just $99.99.

Verizon also announced on Monday the continuation of its price guarantee for stand-alone, DSL-based High Speed Internet -- and a similar camcorder and netbook incentive offer for customers. See companion news release for more details.

"A free netbook or camcorder is the perfect companion to the amped-up speed of FiOS Internet," said Ritter. "With faster downstream and unparalleled upstream connections, plus the latest in cool electronics, FiOS Internet customers can explore the unlimited possibilities of a fully interactive online experience."

FiOS Internet also provides a gateway to other valuable Verizon services, including a suite of Internet security measures, premium technical support and backup and sharing.

Bundle pricing varies by market and starts at $99.99 for triple bundles and $79.99 for double bundles. Both double and triple bundles require a one-year service agreement; however, customers will receive a two-year price guarantee.

New and existing FiOS customers can opt to subscribe to the new services by calling Verizon at 888-GET-FiOS. For more information about FiOS, visit

Features of the Compaq Mini netbook include:

  • 10.1-inch diagonal widescreen display.
  • Lightweight, one-inch-thick design that conveniently fits in backpack, briefcase or purse.
  • Intel Atom™ processor.
  • Windows XP Home operating system.

Features of the Flip Ultra™ camcorder include:

  • Pocket-size design with one-touch recording and digital zoom.
  • Up to 120 minutes of high-quality video.
  • 4GB of built-in memory.
  • Two-inch anti-glare screen.
  • Built-in USB arm for direct connection to PC or Mac.
  • Pre-loaded FlipShareTM software that allows easy video organizing, editing and e-mailing, along with simple upload to social media sites such as YouTubeTM and MySpaceTM.

More information about the Flip Ultra is available at To obtain high-resolution images of the netbook and camcorder, visit or

Connection speed refers to the speed between a user's location and Verizon's central office. Actual surfing speeds will vary based on many factors and be lower than connection speed.

Promotion Terms and Conditions:

* Compaq Mini netbook available with $299.99 coupon (or $200 coupon for $99.99 discounted-price offer) redeemable online at HP Home & Home Office while supplies last. Valid credit card required. Customer pays taxes, shipping and handling. Must sign up by Aug. 15 and install by Oct. 15, 2009. Must have service for 60 days and no past due balance. Coupon sent within 90 days of install date and requires redemption within 60 days of receipt. For residential customers new to FiOS TV and Internet.

Flip Ultra ™ Camcorder available while supplies last. Must have service for 60 days with no past due balance to qualify. Gift will be sent within 90 days of install date. Other terms and conditions apply. 

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