Verizon Transforms Photo Sharing, Delivering Photos to FiOS TV

Verizon continues to change the way people share their memories at home by harnessing the power of the company's advanced, all-fiber-optic network to bring personal photos and videos to the biggest screen in the house - the TV.

"FiOS TV subscribers now view millions of photos each month on their TVs," said Shawn Strickland, vice president of consumer strategy for Verizon.  "FiOS TV frees us from hunching around computer screens or passing around photo albums, and instead lets us share those special memories together on our home entertainment system."

Verizon has developed several groundbreaking services that give its FiOS TV customers more modern ways to enjoy photos on their TV.

  • Media Manager allows FiOS DVR customers to wirelessly stream personal photos, videos and music from their PCs to their TVs.  No additional equipment is required for FiOS TV systems equipped with the popular DVR.  Media Manager also provides a rich online interface that lets customers store, organize, access and manipulate their digital media on their home computers.  Users can even create slide shows set to music, which can then be played on their home entertainment systems at holiday parties or other gatherings of friends and family any time of the year.
  • KODAK Gallery Widget provides registered KODAK Gallery users instant on-screen access to photos and slideshows stored on Kodak's online digital photo service. This includes photos from friends and family that have been linked to the subscriber's KODAK Gallery account.
  • Facebook Widget enables FiOS TV subscribers to log onto their Facebook accounts through FiOS TV to view their own photos, friends' photos and status updates, all while enjoying their favorite TV shows. Subscribers can also use an onscreen keyboard to update their Facebook status with personalized messages so they can connect and share with their friends online while watching TV.

"Research shows that nearly half of all American consumers now own digital cameras, and picture taking has expanded beyond just special occasions," said Strickland.  "Bringing your photos to life on your home entertainment system takes your enjoyment to a much higher level.  FiOS TV makes it easy to stay connected and instantly enjoy your photos, personal videos and music right on your TV screen."

In addition to delivering photos to TV, Verizon helps people preserve and protect their digital photos and videos from accidental damage, power surges, hackers and drive crashes with its Online Backup and Sharing service.  New subscribers can get the first 30 days free when they sign up for the service, which now has at least five times more storage capacity. Five different service plans are available, ranging from 5 gigabits to 250 gigabits of storage with pricing from $1.99 to $19.99 a month. 

Verizon is the only company in the U.S. to bring 100 percent fiber optics straight to the home, delivering America's top-rated broadband with download connection speeds of up to 50 megabits per second, as well as more pure HD TV channels, amazing picture-and-sound quality, and interactive capabilities that cable can't match.